Christopher 28 year old male willing to help

I’m blue eyes, 6″2, dark brown hair, I’ve been told very good looking if that helps, broard shoulders, high metabolism, athletic.

I’ve been in the Army for a little over 11 years, I am very motivated in life. I have managed to become a landlord to three properties with no help. Very good at working out problems.

There is Zero family health problems although I’ve suffered from hay-fever a handful of times but don’t think that’s ant issue to anyone.

Very strong phisically, good immune system, I have a little girl myself and she is the cleverest and most beautiful child she is also in perfect health.

My hobbies are varied, rock climbing, surfing, running, antiques, books, metal detecting, art, English history.

Most important thing in life is family.

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  1. Hi Christopher, Maria here, I’m a 24 year old half Italian girl from the east midlands. I’ve been in a relationship with a man older than me since 19 who was snipped, we’ve now separated but I want a baby but not a man on a regular basis in my life, I’m not ready for that after all those years with my ex, sorry its late to message, I’m on holiday, back in the UK in a few days, im ovulating & wany a a baby, will you sleep with me when I get back please?

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