Christina Married Couple looking for Sperm Donor

Hi there, we are a happily married lesbian couple who are in search of a sperm donor. We are hispanic and caucasian from North America and so based on our ethnicities, we are open to a sperm donor from Afro, Afro-Caribbean, Latin, Dutch, Indonesian and/or Scandinavian background. Ideally, we would like to find someone nearby to Berkshire but we understand this is not always possible so we would be willing to travel within the UK to meet the right donor for both you and us.

We are both working professionals with higher degrees. Therefore, we are looking for a donor who would like to donate with no strings or responsibility attached. Perhaps someone who already has children or who has wanted to donate without the responsibility that comes with bringing up a child.

We can discuss the method of conception in more detail when we have met but would ideally like this to be a home insemination.

Thanks for reading!
Christina and Tamara

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