Chris Belfast guy offering NI help

Hi guys I’m a 36 year old healthy guy who is willing to help a suitable female or couple to conceive. I seek no financial gain only the pleasure of giving someone the child they crave in a natural way and seek no contact thereafter. I’ve helped one lady in the past to have 2 girls. You can read my full profile on co parent site username chrissym1 or email me directly at

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    1. Hello, I am a 24 year old male 5ft 8in, 10 stone, brown eyes, black hair and sallow skin. I am half Irish and half Egyptian. I do not drink or take drugs, I smoke occasionally but I am in the process of cutting them out completely, I am a vegetarian and eat healthy, I have no health conditions nor is there any conditions that run in my family that I am aware of. I have a daughter who has black hair, brown eyes and sallow skin. according to her health nurse she is average weight, above average height, perfect speech and pronunciation. she is very healthy and active and never sick, only sick with flu and chicken pox while attending crèche

    1. Hi Zoelouise I don’t believe they let you give out email addresses on here but I have a premium profile on co parentmatch site username chrissym1 if you have a orenium account message me there or you can look me up on social media (fb)


    2. Hi again Zoelouise. I did a search on and couldn’t find a profile of your name. If your still interested in chatting set up a profile on it and look me up (chrissym1) or you can try and give me some other way to contact you but admin here remove all email address etc from posts.


  1. Hi chris. I read ur profile on parent match. Unfortunately I’m not a subscribed member so couldn’t message you. I’m a married woman and myself and my husband are seeking a donor due to his infertility. I am 34 and he is 33 so time is off the essence for us. We aren’t sure really how this works but ur profile caught my attention then I noticed u here. Could you get in touch? Thanks. Michelle

  2. Hi. I’m not sure how to leave a comment / get a response here. Chrissy can u let me no if u can see this please

    1. Hi Michelle I do see your posts and replied above to your 1st post. It generally takes 24 hrs from writing a post to admin publishing it publicly on here. So hopefully by the time you read this my detailed reply to your 1st post will be showing up on here too.


    2. I sent you a message on coparentmatch aswell. The only way we can chat privately or get to swap personal email address is if you upgrade to prenium membership and reply to me on there. Any personal contact details or email addresses posted in replies on here are removed before the post is public


  3. Hi im Helen

    My partner and I cant have children as he has problems with his sperm, I would be so grateful if you could help me. I would love to be able to give my son a brother or sister, it would be like winning the lottery for me. and I would be so grateful if you could get back to me


    1. Hi Helen. I’d be happy to discuss further with you and see if I can be of help to you. You can’t swap personal details on here however. I’ve ads on a couple of different sperm donor sites or if you have a coparentmatch profile let me know your username.


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