Chloe – Donor needed in Edinburgh

Hello, I’m An 18 year old female who’s been looking for a sperm donor for months now with no luck, I’ve finally found this site just before givin up, all I really want is to become a mum.

I’m slim, blue eyes long brown hair.

Looking for a donor in Edinburgh area.

If you are kind enough to consider me please put contact me by putting the following all together….

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  1. Hey Chloe in Edinburgh.

    I am an athletic 24 year old who lives near Edinburgh. And can assist with what you are looking for. Message me if you are interested.



    1. Hi Alex, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me and my wife become parents? We have been searching for a year now for someone near us.


  2. Hey Chloe, message me on, searching for my profile name/user of Alex218 so we can make this happen asap, if you like? Regards Alex

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