One Reply to “Cherie – Sperm Donor wanted in East Yorkshire area”

  1. hi Cherie
    contact me as I can try to help you have your first baby…

    Local FREE Sperm donation discreet, serving women in Newcastle,York, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Durham and North Yorkshire areas covering the whole of North East of England area. Providing sperm donor service to infertile couples, lesbians and singles for those wishing to start or expand a family.

    Understanding and Discreet
    High mobile sperm count 140+ million
    Healthy and Active
    Never smoked or done drugs
    Siblings provided
    Unlimited Cycle Attempts until BFP [smile]
    100% non miscarriage rate as of November 2014
    No travel expenses for most of the North East

    White British Isles
    6 foot tall and slim/medium build
    Hard working and successful
    Emotionally and Intellectually Intelligent
    Good sense of humour
    Likes the outdoors and sports


    Will donate to genuine recipients who are teetotal while trying to conceive and recipient and partner(if any) do not smoke

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