Chelsea – sperm donor required artificial only sunderland

I’m looking for a sperm donor in the sunderland area
Me and my partner have been together 6 years and think now that we have a stable home and future we are ready for children
Looking for someone to donate for artificial insemination in the sunderland/surrounding areas thanks

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  1. hi I have just joined . I am white single male, age 47 , 6 foot 1″ blue eyes .brown hair. my hobbies are canoeing and skiing, I live in Consett Co Durham. my girlfriend of 14 did not want kids so when I got to 4o I felt ,I had missed my window. I have always wanted kids and now would like to help someone ells .happy to use a home insemination kit and have as little or as much contact with the child as you decide. hope to hear from you soon

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