chelsea Looking for sperm donor in glasgow AI only

Hi there, me and my fiancee are getting married on may this year so we have decided we would want to have a baby together we have been thinking of this for very long time and now we have everything that needed to bring a baby up we are sorted.

We would like to have proof of medical history for any sti etc it isnt being rude just want to make sure so no trouble down the line also we would like to have no contact after the baby is born as we have discuss this with each other and feel it is right but we are willing to let the donor no if my fiancee is pregnant 🙂

We can provide travel cost and of course the cup as well we will expand to travel to edinburgh/ blackpool/ some parts of london not too far though 🙂

we dont mind what colour of hair or eyes as we just want to have a healthy baby to bring up and love so i hope someone will give us a chance 🙂

we are from glasgow im 24 and my fiancee is 26 so we are wanting to expand our family thank you for reading please get in touch 😀

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