Caroline Sperm donor required Coventry and surrounding area

Hi there,
I am 38 years old and due to different circumstances with long term relationships failing am now single and always wanted a child. I work with children but would love one of my own. I have a very good job and my own house and would love to provide a good life to a baby.
Please email me
Many thanks

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  1. Hey there my name’s Ricky and I would like to help you have your family and make your wish come true you can find me on Twitter as Ricky yuill I would right my email address here but I don’t think they allow you to see it but it’s hope to hear from you soon x

  2. Hello.
    My names Nick.
    Not to far away and would be happy to help.
    I am 6ft1 medium build blonde brown.
    No family history of ill health.
    Have 3 happy healthy boys all blonde blue.

  3. Hi I’m Wayne from Birmingham by the NEC.
    Single dad of 3.
    Available to help if you wish.
    Contact me direct anytime at all.

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