5 Replies to “Carla Looking for a donor”

  1. Hi Carla

    My name is Rob from Liverpool I work down in Dorset with work from time to time and would be willing to donate NI.

    I am 31, 5ft9, non smoker, healthy and blue eyes.

    Get in touch if you’require interested.

  2. Hiya Carla I’m currently going to Princes Anne hospital in Southampton to do all the tests for sperm donation to help singles/couples fulfill their dreams of bringing up their own families if I could help you in any way at all you can email me for a chat I can give you all the information you want to know I have myself 2 beautiful healthy daughters one aged 6 and the other is only 8 weeks old me and my partner are more than happy to help so have a think and contact me if youd like to know more my email is thankyou

  3. Hi Carla

    I’m based in Poole, right near the Quay. I’m a professional who is 36 yrs old, 6ft 4 with dark hair and eyes.

    For further details please get in touch.

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