6 Replies to “Carla dorset ai donor wanted”

  1. Hi there my name is Ricky I would like to talk more about how I may be able to help in any way, I am 32 years old very active full-time worker with council and from a huge family and would like to help you both start one my email is my phone number is or you could reach me on Facebook .

  2. My name is Ricky on both Facebook and Twitter maybe best get me on Twitter Facebook I took off recently my number is but indolent know if it will show my number Toronto talk soon would like to help

  3. It won’t allow me to give you my email address sorry or see your address maybe best look me up on Twitter I’ve put my second name in the message somewhere so hope you get it and find me x

  4. Hi I’m 25 close to Poole
    Blue eyes, blonde hair, 5/11, very healthy
    Just looking into all of this but potentially would be able to help you, get in touch you would be the first person I have helped as
    Thank you! 🙂

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