Caitlin Looking for a donor near Edinburgh

Myself and my partner are currently looking for donor. We are located just outside of Edinburgh but we are more than willing to travel a bit if we have to. We are looking for a white donor, using the AI method only. We have just been let down by a donor so don’t want time wasters. We have been together for three years. We have a Labrador and we just want a little baby to help us make the perfect family.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am a donor that is 42 years old and living in the Dunfermline area. I have donated before with a successful pregnancy. I am willing to be a donor for you. I have been engaged in this practice for some time now and am used to carrying out the wishes on the recipient.
    I have no issues going through this with you in whatever means you feel comfortable. I usually come to the recpient’s home to donate. I prefer to meet somewhere public first, have a coffee and a chat, get all the formalities out of the way then get down to talking about how you want things to go. If you want to exchange pictures, meet up, or have some questions for me first, drop me a note back !

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