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  1. hi billy i also live in bangor and would love the opportunity to start a family. i am happy with no contact after and only interested in ai. please get in contact if u can help.

  2. Failing that would u like to meet up and exchange details am off on Friday if I’d like to meet up on Friday morning for a coffee in bangor

  3. Hey my name is Laura I have been with my fiancée danielle for over 2 years we have a 5 year old son called oliver and desperate to complete for family and I would be interested in getting to know more about you . Get back in touch soon thanks

  4. Hey, I was wondering could you help me and my fiancee out please as we’ve been lot down 6 times already 🙁 make our dreams come true thank you get back in touch please x

  5. i dont seem to be able to pick up ur messages. william i can understand a woman tryingto start a family visiting this site im just wondering why u have decided to donate. i can only assume that u having children already means u r in a relationship and i wonder wot ur motive is to giving such a personal part of u to a stranger? i hope u dont find that rude but i believe it ia a fair question

  6. It’s fine Megan as I stated in my main post I do have 3 wonderful kids am separated and am going for a vasectomy in the new year so that’s why I’ve posted this but as I’ve tried to post my email and it won’t let me I see no way off making contact with you or anyone so I guess my thought my gift off helping someone have a child isn’t going to work and that is u I suggested a meet as you are local am sorry if it sounded strange but to be honest I couldn’t think off any other way to swap details if you or anyone are interested you can work out a way to get me your details of not am sorry but in the new year it will be to late thanks for reading and all your messages

  7. Hello

    I would be happy to help out. I’m 22 years old. Blue eyes and dark hair. Let me know and we can arrange to meet or exchange emails.

  8. Hi my name is Louise I am 35 and very happily married. Unfortunately we cannot have children and this is something we both want so very much. I live in the Belfast area and if anyone could help we would be most grateful.

  9. hello i am in a gay longterm relationship i am 21 and my partners 23 i would love to start a family we would love it if u could help us thankyou

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