Ben – sperm donor bristol

Hi I’m 30 own my own business have 3 kids of my own looking to be a sperm donor iv helped 1 women already and looking to help more to nothing is better than having a child to love so please feel free to message on here or drop a text so I can ring you back on ———— thanks

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  1. Hi, wondering if you are still helping people. We are a same sex couple with one daughter. we are looking for someone to help us complete our family. We are after a sperm donor A.I only. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. hi, I’m in a same sex relationship and we are looking for a sperm donor. As we want to have a child together, and would like to know if you are still donating sperm.

  3. hi would you be able to email me please for more info for me and my partner we same sex couple looking to start a family

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