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  1. Dear Anna
    sorry for interrupting your busy schedule. My name is Abbos and I am from Uzbekistan. I live in London. I would be glad to help someone which may effect to happines of life. I am healthy don’t drink and smoke. I had only close relationship with my wife. The other reason being honestly of my reply is I need money. Every one needs smth and god gives us through others.
    Please inform me if you need further information
    thanks in advsnce

  2. Hi Anna, I’m 5ft 10, 23 and asian with a medium build and dark skin. I am considered quite good looking with no hereditary family illnesses etc If you are interested, get in touch!

  3. Hi Anna

    I am a fellow health care professional, I am new to sperm donation but I have 2 childen of my own so can confirm that I am functional!!
    I am based in North Hampshire, I would be happy to help you, I do not charge if you want to contribute to my travel its appreciated but not expected.
    STI free, in good health, no medications.
    Will be happy to use which ever method you want.

    Drop me a line and we can discuss it


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