Andrew Help me and i will help You! EDINBURGH

I love children,i am a white straight male,I have two sons who are well proportioned mentally and physically,i am with my second wife who i love.Sadly she is unable to have penetrative sex although we have a strong and passionate sex life.
I would be happy to meet for natural insemination with a women in my area and help my situation by helping them become pregnant even if it takes a little time.
If you like the idea of getting together and making things work,i’m sure that i could give you a child with attractive genes …..I would like to have some contact with the child but would be led by your own thoughts.
Don’t be afraid give me a call…Nothing ventured Nothing Gained.

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  1. Hey there Andrew 🙂
    Are you still looking ? I’m a 19 y/o girl and I live in germany. Is it possible to visit you ?

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