amyandsam – Sperm donor needed AI only, South Yorkshire area


me and my partner are looking for a sperm donor ASAP as we are really desperate to start a family and need alittle help

we are willing to travel but are only considering AI only

can anyone please help?

we live in our own house with good jobs and are happily engaged. we live near Doncaster/ Sheffield

please message us, we look forward to hearing from you soon

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  1. Hello

    Rather than post my personal details here, if you are serious and need help then please e-mail me and I will send you all my details.

    Best regards Steven

    1. Hiya Steven, I am a lesbians in a relationship and we are lookin for a donor to complete our family if ya can help could ya Plz email me thank you

    2. Hi Steven I have just seen your comment.. My partner & I, of 9 years, are looking for an AI donor (only) and I was wondering if you could help us complete our family. If this is something you still do, please get back to me… Thankyou

  2. Hi there I would like to help you out im 29 I have two healthy children one boy one girl . I live in sheffield and if your interested get intouch and we can talk more

    1. hi i am look for donor sperm i am want baby becasue my boyfriend is not have any sperm problem is ball sperm dead was born was operation 7 year old ball but me and my boyfriend is deaf person both well i hope u help me i want only ai sperm is only if u dont let know me email thank you

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