Amy – Sperm donor needed

I am looking for a white sperm donor I am 21 with one beautiful daughter already. We need one more child to complete our family. I do not want to be in a relationship atall so sperm donation is the only way. I’m based in witham Essex.

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I’m not altogether far from you. Have a look at my profile, Andrew116, on and give me a shout if you want to chat further!
    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Amy

    Hope you don’t mind me asking but did you have any luck finding a donor?
    I’m thinking about using a donor and just trying to get a bit of info together.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Ladies

      Hope you don’t mind me jumping in on your ad’s but just wondering if either had any sucess on funding a donor?

      I too am thinking about using a donor. Having gone through fertility issues, now hopefully successfully treated partner has just left relationship 🙁 and I’m 37 so feel.time is not on my side. Any advice or suggestions you may have will be gratefully received.

      Many Thanks
      Sunnie/Sunnie2 Co Parentmatch profile name

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