Amy BELFAST.. Spern Donor Wanted .. artificial insemination

SBelfast!! Lesbian couple.. looking for artificial insemination..

Seeking, tall, dark haired, brown eyed healthy male who is genuinely interested in helping us!

We are wanting to start a family as we have always dreamed about having one! We believe love is love and everyone deserves a family no matter what sexuality!

All help is greatly appreciated!

We are also happy to answer any questions!

4 Replies to “Amy BELFAST.. Spern Donor Wanted .. artificial insemination”

  1. Hi willing help you guys 23 good business man good health can get medical history for you sti free anything you need off me let me know if you Still need someone one question I want be there for kid can that be possible? As every child deserves a dad be there for them if you don’t want me there for child I understand thanks get back ASAP

  2. I am 29 years old good looking tall not a bad build of a man i will Donate sperm to any 1 in the uk if contacted by email as long as you are will to travel to get the sperm from me in Doncaster with a kit provided by your Doctor please do feel free to email strait away and we can have your problem sorted in 1 month i will be donate in to doncaster hospital as well in the next few month so please do feel free to contact them and ask for my sperm Paul Hart. I am in the Doncaster area.

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