Amie & Kerri

Hi everyone.
We have been searching for a donor for awhile, an finally managed to find one then after the second month he just disappeared with no explanation. We was gutted.
So here we are back to searching for a donor again.
We totally get how demanding it can be on the donor and appreciate all that they would potentially be doing for us and be forever grateful to them for the gift they would be helping us with. So.. myself and my wife are looking for an AI donor, someone who wants no further contact after success.. but also may possibly be available again for siblings in future.
Is this something you think you would be willing to help with? X

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  1. I’d be willing to help out if you’re still looking. I have a good history of quick pregnancies when I was trying for my own children. Message me if you’re interested in me helping you start a family. The possible future sibling part is fine with me too x

    1. Hey Andy.
      Nice to meet you and hope your well.
      We sure are still in search for a donor, it’s not a easy search so we would definitely appreciate your help so thank you for that.
      We are looking to start a family as soon as possible, it’s a dream of ours.
      So where in the north west are you?
      Hope to hear from you soon Amie x

    2. Hi, I’m based in Liverpool and been with my partner for 6 years now and looking for AI donater with no contact afterwards was wondering you could help if so please

  2. Hello Aimie,
    Just seen your ad and maybe I could help you both. I have not long had an STI test and I’m totally all clear. Message me back if you’re still looking for help……

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