Amber – Wanting to find a Sperm Donor

Me and my partner are looking to start a family. We are a lesbian couple, and are looking for a Sperm donor to help us start our family. The Sperm donor would preferably be someone that wouldn’t want contact with the baby. Please contact if you feel you are a match to our needs. We are Living in Ipswich, Suffolk.

8 Replies to “Amber – Wanting to find a Sperm Donor”

  1. Hi i could help, but im abit far away from u, i live in east yorkshire. im 23, in gd shape, and with no medical conditions, get bk asap if interested 🙂

  2. Me and my partner are currently looking for a sperm donor, lesbian couple been together 6 years now and looking to start our family, based in Ipswich but willing to travel also..get in contact if you think you can help

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