Amanda Donation

Me and my partner are a lesbian couple and wanting to start are very own family we are looking forward to 2016 for a positive new year and hopefully magical news will happen for us in this year,

We are both fantastic with kids I have lots of nieces and nephews so had plenty experiences with little ones to teenagers

I can’t wait for exciting times ahead to start planning further into are future and any one who could help us we will be truly grateful

We are looking for a kind hearted gentleman to donate his sperm to make are dreams come true

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    1. Hi Tom,

      My partner and I are also looking for a sperm donor by AI, we have a profile on co-parenting if you are also on there? As unable to leave contact details on here.

      Thanks Michelle & Rach x

  1. i became a dad this year and it’s the most amazing experience. If you could contact me with more information about you situation, expectations etc it would be great.

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