Alymer sperm donor want to help

hey there im a 26 year old male..
my partner and i have 3 kids of our own well and heathly.
she wish’s for no more kids and we’ve spoken about me helping other women out there wanting to have children so i’m glad to say im happy too help you..
i am a white male,
born in britain and brought up both irish and british..
im a very sexual person and the more i can help others the better instead of wasting my sperm.
if the child wishes to meet me or wants contact or the women i dont mind.
ive had all checks from my doctor and im 100%.

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  1. Hi Alymer

    I know this post is from January but I was wondering if you are still interested in being a sperm donor.

    If you’re still interested please get in touch.

    I’m 30 single and looking for a sperm donor to help me start a family.

    I would be really interested in talking to you more if your interested in possibly helping me.


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