Alexander Very tall Healthy sperm donor

Hi there I am a white British male with strong genetics!
I have an uncommonly high IQ, very articulate with a range of talents and skills including linguistics, multiple languages, sports, and music to name but a few.
I was the young drummer of the year for Dorset, held national records in swimming, high jump and hurdles.
I had multiple scholarships for my secondary school including gaining one of five assisted places for all-round academic achievement among thousands of other applicants.
I am very tall (6’10”!) With a muscular build.
Currently just back from Japan where I was head teacher of an English school, percussion teacher, student of Japanese language and running an international event management company as a DJ and music producer for globally acclaimed artists.
I am now undergoing training to become a fireman.
I am healthy, exercise regularly and clean from Std’s. I am currently engaged to be married and heterosexual.
I have always had a very enthusiastic, energetic, compassionate and amicable demeanour and get a great joy from helping people less fortunate than myself.
I am blue eyed with light brown hair and currently 32 years old.
I wouldn’t want to be involved in the child’s upbringing although I would be happy to be named as the father once the child is of an appropriate age should that be what you decide.
I am committed to helping you conceive for as long as it takes and have a high and healthy sperm count.
Typically I am an AI donor although I would consider NI if the situation felt comfortable and appropriate and I was assured that the recipient was clean.

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  1. Hi
    I am very interested to speak with you some more I am also from East Sussex..
    Where abouts are you from East Sussex
    Thank you 🙂 do u have an email I could contact you on. ?

  2. Hello me and my partner are very interested in speaking to you about your services we are in West Sussex please could you provide email, or some form of contact thank you.

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