Alex – Want to help

Young and healthy, non-smoker, mulato complexion. Almost never drinks alcohol(once or twice per 2 or 3 months).
Goodlooking and well-groomed.
Above average intelligence, currently a medical researcher. Fluent in 4 languages and can understand and speak 3 more languages.
No medical history, no history of heart disease in family. No history of addictions in family. Comes from intelligent family(one sibling doctor, one a succesfull lawyer, parents engineer and accountant.

Not originally from britain, I’m dutch.

If you want a baby but are alone or have a husband who can’t give you children, then I can help you.

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  1. Hi Alex, having read your post, I’m really interested in hearing more from you and finding out if you may be able to help me… I’m happily single, healthy, well educated and love being a mum to my 3 yr old. I’m longing for another child and a sibling for my daughter (we have a happy home and lots of fun and experiences together, but with no other family children she does get lonesome!), and I don’t want to leave it much longer. I would never confuse wanting a child with wanting a partner, so ignore comments like ‘you might meet someone soon’ and have decided to seek a donor. My amazing daughter is dual-heritage white / black, so a donor with dark or mullato complexion would be ideal but is hard to find. I’m open to discussing contact, but can assure you that I am more than able to go it alone.
    Will you get in touch? I have set up a profile on the coparentmatch site – I think it’s Jo87, listed in London and Nottingham.
    Hope to hear from you, thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Alex – I’m really keen to get in touch with you, please reply here (or via the linked site coparentmatch, username. Jo87). Many thanks

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