Alex Single , Young , 130IQ , 6f.3i (190 cm)

Hello , i am a single 23 years old male and i want to help those who want to conceive a child but are unable to. I am a child of Rome (latin descent , 100% europeean , not latino-american). I have absolutely no addictions , i have 130 IQ , tested at MENSA (i can prove it if necessary) , 6feet 3 inches (190 cm ) . The method of conception we will use is your choice i accept all of them .

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  1. Hi are you still interested in donating? If yes I’m looking for someone who can help me achieve my dream of becoming a Mum. I’m 28 and based near Stansted airport, I’m looking for someone that doesn’t want contact with the child or just occasional updates to know they are doing ok, if this is something that you would be interested in please contact me.

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