AI Sperm Donor

Hi my names Jessica or Jess for short. I’m 21 years old financially stable. From Barnsley South Yorkshire
I’ve been wanting to to start my own little family for over a year now but I haven’t seemed to find any one.
I’m wanting ai donor. With clean bill of health and also wanting someone who can provide proof sti clearance.
Would like to get to know the bloke who’s willing to donate so I know some back grounds.
I’m not wanting a co-parent and if you feel like you need legal documents of this am happy to provide them.

Hope to hear from someone soon thankyou

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  1. Hey Jess
    I’m only in Dewsbury so not far away at all
    I match everything you require with all Sti proof etc.
    not looking fanything contact etc jut willing to help if you need it.

    1. Hi thankyou for your interest.. Would like to get to know you more and your background. I’m not needing a donation till next month or after. Not wanting to rush things as I want to know more about yourself.
      Again thankyou for your interest

  2. Ok look forward to chatting more and getting to know eachother to see if I can help.

    This site doesn’t allow to swap contact details so if you tell me your insta or snap we can chat more

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