Accro 25 yr old sperm donor Swansea, can travel

Im a twenty five year old English male; blue eyes, dark brown hair, six foot and of a slim/athletic build at 82kgs (give or take a flapjack). I don’t drink or use drugs. The only family condition I’m aware of is a diabetic grandfather.
I’m educated to degree level with a Bachelors in Linguistics. Speak French, Chinese and some English.
I’m an active hobbyist who enjoys playing guitar, kickboxing, yoga, DIY, going to the gym and spending time in the garden.
I’ve helped friends to conceive in the past as a donor (no “natural insemination” please – I’m British!) And have a healthy three year old daughter living in their care. I’m in a committed relationship and my girlfriend supports my sperm donation. We hope to have kids ourselves one day but not quite yet.
I have a clean bill of health and am a car owner so willing to travel reasonable distances when necessary.

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  1. Hello me and my partner are really hoping for another addition to the family please can u message me 🙂 hope to hear from u Zoe

  2. Hi I am looking for a donor in Cardiff or surrounding areas I am financially stable so happy to solo parent. If you could be a donor to me please contact me thank you

  3. Hi, Myself and my husband are currently looking for a sperm donor.
    He has been diagnosed with a chromosone y deletion which means he cannot conceive. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  4. Hello

    I am seeking a Sperm donor to add an addition to my family. We are a married gay couple and if you are willing to help us please could you contact me thank you

  5. Hello!! I’m a single lesbian woman wanting to start a family of my own!! Only thing is I don’t want contact with the donor after it’s done! I live in Swansea and I’m nearly 26! You sound like everything I am looking for! Please get in contact with me via email so we can talk,
    Hopefully we can talk soon
    Thank you

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