Where to Donate Sperm

Donating sperm at a clinic or via home insemination

We recommend Co-ParentMatch.com who have the largest database of sperm donors and women looking for a sperm donor available anywhere on the internet. Members are from all over the world. Sperm donation in the UK is really popular and we have men and women in all UK counties looking into sperm donor options and co-parenting arrangements.

Whilst media reports suggest that sperm donation in London, Manchester and Scotland has poor uptake rates by men; quite the opposite is happening with sites like Co-ParentMatch.com . There are infact thousands of sperm donors all over the UK including London, Manchester and Scotland.

Co-ParentMatch.com also has thousands of sperm donors in USA, Canada, Australia and across Europe so if you are looking for a donor abroad then check it out. Many of the sperm donors and women on this site are happy to travel to find the right match for them.

If you are looking to donate sperm and do not want any involvement in the childs upbringing then you should consider donating through a fertility clinic however if you wish to be involved in the childs life and want to be known to the child and carry all the rights and responsibilities that come with being a parent then you should consider home insemination options. Be sure to take the time to get all relevant health and genetic screening tests prior to any insemination.

For more information on sperm donation and for your nearest UK registered fertility clinic visit www.ngdt.co.uk

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  1. hi there my name is deedee im 29 and obese. i want to have a baby so bad but i feel i cannot find the right person due to being really shy and not mixxing with people. also i think im ugly and thats another reason im alone. can you help me by artificial insemination please.

    1. hi deedee im 27 dad of 2 beautiful boys and no 1 is ugly in side sweety and you want to be a mum so you have and beautiful heart i’ll be happy to help

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