Known Sperm Donor

What is a known sperm donor?

There are varying levels of being a known donor. It is for you and your match to agree how much involvement you would like in the childs life. Involvement can range from a co-parenting agreement where you may have access rights that mean you have the child one weekend a month plus holidays or even popping in to the see the child on a weekly basis if you live locally to your match.

Other known donors like to be seen as an Uncle figure meaning the child may or may not know you as dad but you would be known to the child and involved somewhat in their upbringing. Considerations should be made with the childs best interest at heart so it is important to decide early on the level of involvement in order to provide consistency for the child.

Remember as a known donor you carry full parental financial responsibilities.


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  1. Surely a ‘known donor’ only carries full parental financial responsibilities if, and only if, pregnancy occurred via sexual intercourse rather than A I.

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