How can I donate sperm?

What are the different methods for donating sperm?

We recommend you should firstly consider donating sperm via a licensed fertility clinic. This does however mean that you relinquish all parental rights and would not be named on the birth certificate. Currently in the UK your anonymity would be protected until the child reaches 18 years of age at which stage they would be in their rights to try to contact you.

You can also donate sperm though a private arrangement using a home insemination kit.

If you are looking to donate sperm and do not want any involvement in the child’s upbringing then you should consider donating through a fertility clinic however if you wish to be involved in the child’s life and want to be known to the child and carry all the rights and responsibilities that come with being a parent then you should consider home insemination options. Be sure to take the time to get all relevant health and genetic screening tests prior to any insemination.

Sperm donation payment is illegal in the UK however you can be reimbursed for any expenses you may have incurred such as travel costs. Sperm donation pay through a registered fertility clinic is currently under review with the target of encouraging more men to donate. The average price for sperm donation is around £25 per ejaculate.

For more information on sperm donation NHS and donating sperm in general you can find your nearest UK registered fertility clinic visit

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  1. I am 51 years old and wish to help out some couples and give them a chance.

    What is in it for me? I am pretty genetically gifted, athletic and above average intelligence. I would like my genes to carry on. I do not expect any payment a what I have previously mention is payment enough.

    1. hi I am 36 yers old and very healthy I live in Bristol I am willing to give my sperm as my count is good If your interested email me

        1. Hi there I can help you if you still require
          I’m 34 white male from Wolverhampton no catch 100 percent genuine caring and willing to help

  2. Hi, I am a 20 year old, athletic buy who wants to be a sperm donor. I live in York, please email me about my nearest clinic. Thanks

  3. Hi,

    Saw the BBC report today and got interested. Am 43, Asian, CEO of top Multinational, great academics, physically fit and healthy.


  4. Hi there,

    Easy going 40yr old company director looking to help any would be parents.
    5’10” dark hair, intelligent, witty & successful. Not looking for any payment just want to help after seeing the joy a donor baby can bring. Just ask 🙂
    James – East Anglia.

  5. Hey, I’m just looking to do something good with my life… I have recently turned 18, I’m a red-head with above average intelligence, extremely confident and would love the opportunity to help a couple have a child.

    I am based in Carlisle… e-mail me if needed.

  6. Hi I’m 43 and have 8 daughters and a baby due in June so very fertile .
    I live in the north east of Scotland so if your interested to know more about me then get intouch .

  7. I’m a 32 year old man looking at becoming a sperm donor I’m in the isle of man I’ve got frozen stuff in a tub in the freezer

  8. Hi im 31 good looking healthy guy based in fife / edinburgh that wants to donate sperm.

    Im gay & simply dont want to die knowing there will never be part of me to carry on in this world. Its that simple. Id love to be a dad but unfortunitly it seems like such a difficulty finding someone to be a surrogate so i thought id just donate to a gay or straight couple whos like to have a family of there own. Atleast then id know my lagacy would be left.

    Please feel free to contact. I have a clean bill of health but will also attend any screenings should you wish. Im able to help anyone. Consider a gift from me to you.

    Holla! X

  9. Hi. Would like to help anyone looking to have a baby and bring happiness into their lives.

    39 year old managing director for a company.
    Asian, 5’10”, good looking, medium-light coloured, black hair, brown eyes, physically and mentally healthy, intelligent.

    Happy for any screenings or tests.

    Live in Yorkshire/Lancashire

  10. Hi,
    I’m a 19 year old 6ft 5in man, slim / athletic physique, good looking, currently studying a science degree. Based in the city of York. Feel free to contact me.

  11. Hi
    I’m 37 and willing to help out I’m in good health except I had an injury at work and need a back op I was physical before the op I was in the army I have 3 gorgeous girls and my lad if looking for help please contact me thsnks

  12. I am looking to be a sperm donor. I am a healthy 27 year old man no health problems or sti’s. I am happy to be tested. I am a good looking guy, about 5″9 tall and 12 stone. I am gay/bi sexual but want to be a dad and also help a couple/single lady have a child. I am based in East Sussex.

    Get in touch if you want to know more

  13. Hi, my name is Andrew. I live near spading.I have plenty of sperm to donate to single ladies. I am have dark hair, blue eyes, 37 with good health. I am a kind, caring person. I want to help make a difference. Looking to help ladies locally.

  14. Hello my name is Andrew. I live near Spalding. I would like to help single ladies or couples, I have plenty of sperm to donate. I am 37 in good health, my height is 5″10, I have dark brown hair, blue eyes. I am a honest, very caring guy, I would like to help single ladies or couples. Around the Spalding area.

  15. Tall dark Asian male 32 willing to donate and help women have children I’m from North West England and can travel all UK to help women’s and couples start a loving family my email is please get in touch

  16. Hello, I am a 29 year old very youthful looking man. 6 ft tall and slim. Light skin, brown eyes and hair. Please feel free to contact me if you travel to Vienna or Bratislava on vacation. I donated to a fertility clinic already and my semen was approved 🙂

  17. Hello I am 25 and living in Newcastle. Tall, dark hair and eyes, French and Portuguese mix, naturally muscular, 8/10 facial aesthetics.
    I am a successful doctor and a brown belt in judo, driven and ambitious. No obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or any other heritable diseases in the family.
    I have 3 siblings and they are all successful in their fields of engineering and mathematics and passionate about sports.
    Feel free to write me if you are a single mom or a couple in need of a donor.

      1. If need donor blue eyes red hair. Do not want anything. In return only to honestly help others. Unselfish. I only do as those need help request..

    1. If still need donor free help here. Expect nothing but to help give happiness and gift of gods love. I have help others if need. Donor real help here..

  18. Hello, my name is Robert an I am in north Essex, not far from Cambridge. Happy to help ladies looking to conceive and will travel. I am well presented and well spoken.

    Speak soon, Robert x

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