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  1. London based black female 37, of Caribbean descent. Seeking a tall, young healthy, single male, for the purpose of sperm donation / co-parenting. I am attractive, educated, witty and fun. It is my greatest wish to become a mother at the earliest opportunity. Many thanks for reading, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

    1. Hiya,
      I was wondering if the child you want to co-parent together has to be of black origin. Does the guy have to be in London? Is 28 years of age too young? Sorry asked so many questions but interested in what you are seeking. Also what do you want to the sperm donation to be?

      1. Hi Jay am Julia 24 looking for a donor wiling to pay travel cost I live in Edinburgh happy to have a mixed race child let me know if you can help thanks.

        1. Hello, My name is Gordon, I am from Falkirk, 29, I am will to do whatever it takes to make peoples dreams reality. I am an Accountant, educated to HND/ Professional Qualification standards.

          1. Hi Gordon we are a lesbian couple looking to start a family AI wondering if you would be willing to help?

          2. Sperm Donor from Kampala, Uganda.
            Im Willing to Help Couples of:
            Gay Couple, Single Woman
            Number of Children (non-donor):
            My Health is:
            My Education is:
            Completed College or University
            I am a Smoker:
            I Have a Passport:
            Willing to Travel:
            Blood Type:
            5′ 8″ or 173 CM
            180 Lbs or 82 Kgs
            Has been a sperm donor before:
            Marital Status:

          3. Hi Gordon can you help me please? I’m desperate for a child. I’m Scottish, 37 . Single parent to one incredible boy but would love to give him a sibling

          4. Willing to travel in Essex please?
            I’d love to have a baby
            I’m More than happy to pay expenses
            Thank you

        2. Hi, would like to know if you are still looking for someone, I have blond hair and blue eyes, if you would like to know more please feel free to contact me.

          1. Hi which area are you from I’m seeking a donor with blonde hair and blue eyes to match me for my wife to receive AI

          2. Hi I’m hoping you could help me. I’m 26 and a single mum, would you be willing to travel to Cardiff? Also I’m looking for an ai donor

          3. Hi were are you as we are looking for a guy with blonde hair blue eyes to help us have a child NI or AI we are a female and male couple devon

        3. Hi I am black and would love to give you a mixed refer baby. I have a soft spot for Scottish women. Would like to exchange details and chat xx

        4. Hi Julia,

          If you are still looking for a sperm donor,I am interested in helping you out. I am 32 yo,Indian male, non smoker, teatotaler and healthy guy.

          If this works out for you,Please get in touch with me to have a more detailed discussion and then decide to take it further or not.


        5. Hi juliana I can help donate im Asian male 32 from north west England I have successfully made women pregnant with triplets through donation I love Scottish women’ my nu is

        6. Really want to help those in need of a baby . A pleasant and very educated black man living in Edinburgh. If any wants a mixed race baby.I live and work in Edinburgh and prepared to travel to any part of the UK essentially and could undergo all medical test to prove how healthy I am to assist anyone who wants a baby. I feel morally and religiously obliged to that. I just turned 39 on September.

          1. Hi Emmanuel, I was wondering if you’re still open to help, me and my partner are looking for an AI donor 🙂

        7. Hi, At the 21/11/17 was dicharged from Trial4us medical center (Richmondpharmacology)- as absouletly healthy 35 years male. No smoking, no drinking ( 6 years GP records).

          Will give ten portions/ in two days/ in any clinic in Edinburgh or area (as so, transport expences need to be covered.

          Could come to Edinburgh- if you will pay two way Caledonian Sleeper (£90 return)

        8. Hi, I love to help. I never donated sperm before and I have 2 child of my own. 1 boy & 1 girl. Love to help women who needs help. I love natural donation method. Please drop a message if you need me. About myself, 37 years old, intelligent, honest, caring, completed Mastets & have professional job. Nore details on contact if needed.
          Take care.

          1. Hi Cornelius,

            My partner and I looking for a black sperm donor as I am unable to have children.

            Where abouts do you live? Please feel free to message me.

    2. Does race matter? I’m white, 5’11”, green eyed and I want my genetic line to go on.

      I cannot support relationships, yet I am healthy, I love rock music and I’m an omnivore.

  2. Hi, happy to help if you still need a donor? Would want to be anonymous though if that’s ok.
    35, 6ft, white.

    Speak soon

    1. Hi Scott
      We are a married lesbian couple living near Wakefield in West Yorkshire.
      We are looking for a donor to help us fulfil our dream of having our own child.
      We both work full time for the NHS working flexible hours, and we have the unconditional support of both our families.
      We’ve been tracking my ovulation for about 6 months now, and are ready to start donations straight away on my next ovulation.
      We are able to travel to you, or to pay travel expenses, whichever you prefer.
      Hope you can help us.
      Please email us at ————–
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Emma hope you have got sorted BUT if you haven;t and I can assist my name is James I am an Irishman 46 in the Leeds area and Im on ————- if you want to discuss?

      2. Hi, At the 21/11/17 was dicharged from Trial4us medical center (Richmondpharmacology)- as absouletly healthy 35 years male. No smoking, no drinking ( 6 years GP records).

        Will give ten portions/ in two days/ in any clinic in Edinburgh or area (as so, transport expences need to be covered.

        Could come to Edinburgh- if you will pay two way Caledonian Sleeper (£90 return)

    2. Hi Scot can you help me please? I’m desperate for a child. I’m Scottish, 37 . Single parent to one incredible boy but would love to give him a sibling

  3. Hi my name is Chelsea I am looking for a sperm doner I already have one child but I have never done sperm donation before me and my partner would like to bring a baby into are family we have been talking about this for a while I i am really hoped that there is someone out there that can help us compleat our family many thanks

  4. Me and my partner uave been together five years were a lesbian vouple and were also married and now looking to makr a family we dont want to co parent hope there os somr that can help thank you xxx kind regards adele and louise xx

  5. Hi,

    I am a 28 year old military worker from Cheshire willing to assist persons with sperm donations.

    I am highly educated originally from the Caribbean. I am 6’2 with brown skin and brown eyes.

    I am athletic and healthy with no diseases.

    I have 2 kids a boy and girl both healthy and very beautiful my bundles of joy.

    I want to assist couples and singles in this situation so they can therefore be able experience the joy, fun and love in parenting.

    Please contact for further discussions.

  6. Hi ryan here early 30’s , successful scottish dondor of 5 girls , donating to all same sex couple . Looking to help once again as it gave me such a thrill the last time helping.

    anyone wanting contact details email me


    i only do AI

    1. Hi Ryan

      Im a 35 year old looking for a doner to help me and my partner. we live in the gloucestershire area but can travel a little. we would to talk more with you.

      thanks vicky

    2. Hi Ryan can you help me please? I’m desperate for a child. I’m Scottish, 37 . Single parent to one incredible boy but would love to give him a sibling

  7. Hi there,
    I am a single woman (42) living in Edinburgh and looking to start a family. I am looking for a donor. Please get in touch if you are interested with a short description of yourself and where you live. Many thanks,

    1. Hey Caroline.

      Am interested in helping you. Am 26 now a master degree holder in business management. Currently living in belfast just few hours away from you. Am Blaclk 5″11 tall and got a good job.

    2. Hello Caroline, Are you still interested in a sperm donor? I’m almost 6 feet, white (spanish and german origins). If it is any good, please contact me.

  8. Hi I’m 20 years old brown hair brown eyes I am from the West Midlands and can travel i wanna help other people having there own kids you can contact me on my email ————— thanks

          1. In case still interested, revert. Based in London, self employed academic., Asian background.

  9. Hi. I’m a 39 year old single professional female and mother of one little boy. I live in Cardiff and would like to hear from sperm donors as I’m eager to complete my family with one more child.

    1. Hi Danielle

      I am Paul, a 40 year old professional male from Cheshire

      I am 5ft 10, 12 St 4lbs, non smoker, gym fit, very friendly, educated and have 2 kids

      My youngest child is 7. Both kids are healthy, as I am.

      I am looking to help someone get pregnant via natural insemination

      I am not looking to conparent, just help someone

      Any sperm donation would have to be carried out in Manchester if interested

      Would love to hear from you


        1. Hi catherine Are you still looking for a doner I’m willing it help you I have dark hair and olive skin and brown eyes but some people say green x

  10. I’m 29, 5’9, dark hair, Green eyes. Most think I’m handsome, good sense of humour and I’d like to see myself as intelligent and I’m pretty good at most things I try.

    I’m very clean and would like to helpin any way I can. I’m live in Swansea, Wales.

    1. Hi John, my partner and I are looking for a sperm doner and wondered if you could help us start our family We’re a lesbian couple living in South West England but are willing to travel. We’d like to get to know more about you. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  11. This is Jay, 32 yr old asian guy coming forward to help people experience the joy of a baby in their lives. I am healthy, non smoker, teatotaler and intelligent working as a software professional and recently had a son.
    Feel free to approach me if this works for you.

  12. I’m 33 and my husband is older and has a vasectomy so we are looking for a donor to help us so we can be parents looking for someone with dark hair blue or green eyes get in touch I’m from Newcastle upon tyne area

  13. Hiya is anyone still an active donor? If so me and my girlfriend of 3 years would love to start our own family. Please get in touch if your willing to help.

    Many thanks
    Shannon & Natasha

    1. Hello Shannon and Natasha, Are you still interested in a sperm donor? I’m almost 6 feet, white (spanish and german origins). If it is any good, please contact me.

  14. Hi… Iam female and I live in Romford Essex Iam 30 years old Iam in a stable relationship and have been for the last 10 years.
    My partner has had a vasectomy several years ago before I meet him and now we are hoping to have a child of our own.
    We are looking for sperm donation via artificial insemination and we would like no contact after if all works fine as we are hoping to raise the child.
    If you feel you can help us then please contact me.

  15. I am a white, English 21yr old female based in Maidstone Kent, looking for a sperm donor. I’d like to get to know a little about you first, and would like a brown hair, blue eyed healthy male, but most of all not just someone looking for sex, I need help from someone that thinks it’s a gift to give me a child. I would be forever great full

    1. Healthy 27 year old male brown hair blue eyes. Medium build, 6″7. I am married but my wife and I do not want children so I would not want involvement. Just looking to help out if I can as its not a gift my wife and I want.

  16. 27 year old male healthy, tall build, brown hair blue eyes. I am married but my wife and I do not want children at all. Feel like I’m perhaps wasting what I do have. Would not want involvement at all. Please message if interested. Based in Yorkshire.

    1. Hi we are interested your add for a sperm donor we are a same sex female couple in Sheffield we are wanting to start a family we both work hard where 31 & 33 look forward to hearing from you.

  17. We are a lesbian couple, been together for 8 years and looking for a sperm donor to help us complete our family. In the Edinburgh Area.

  18. Are the any DONOR/CO-PARENTS in central Scotland or West Midlands who can help me be a mum please?

    Looking for someone who is happy to have contact from their child.

    Please can you help?

    Looking for tall, Caucasian man from a decent honest background please.


  19. Hi, me and my girlfriend are looking for a donor, we are 26 years old and from Derry, we have been together for over 5 years now, we are looking to start a family and have looked into IVF and other ways which have lead us here, we are eager to have a child so if anyone can help us do that please.

  20. Im from leicester willin to help any females become a parent. AI is not a problem.
    Im asian. 31, about 6ft tall.

  21. Hey I’m interested in becoming a sperm donor if anyone is looking for a sperm donor in and around the Glasgow / Ayrshire area message me

  22. I am looking to help someone have a baby. I am very a very healthy individual, i do not drink, i do not smoke and i do not do drugs.I have a very healthy and beautiful mixed race daughter. She has never been sick or been to the hospital for any health issues. she continues to grow strong and healthy.
    I have no criminal records. I am 5’6, 67kg . I am of moderate intelligence. I am of black origin.
    I am really wanting to help because i can and i am healthy and i want that person to have the joy of having to see their blood flow through their kindred. I am located in London. I can travel too. Email is

  23. Hi im 27 6ft 3 with brown hair and blue eyes,im athletic person, i live in the south wales area. I would be willing to help couples and single people who need a sperm donor

  24. RDF Television is researching a potential new television series that will explore co-parenting and the real-world phenomenon of fertility match-making.

    We would like to speak to people who are already considering becoming a co-parent or who are in the early stages of selecting potential partners to co-parent with – who are 18 and over, living in the UK.

    You are not committing to anything by getting in touch and all information will remain confidential, in line with RDF’s data protection policies and UK data protection laws.

    For more information, please contact Jo at COPARENTING@RDFTELEVISION.COM / 0207 013 4175

  25. Hi, I am a 32 years old man willing to help conceiving a child. I am around 5.5 feet tall, blue /green eyes and light brown hair. I am fit, trained and healthy, with no disease or any history of hereditary issues. I have Italian origins but have been living in the UK for a while. I am fairly intelligent, and hold 2 masters in scientific disciplines as well as a PhD in engineering.

    I would not want any kind of involvement after the pregnancy is achieved, and would want this to be legally agreed beforehand. I am happy to meet in Cornwall, or within reasonable distance if expenses are covered.

    Please get in touch by private message for further information

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