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Becoming a Sperm Donor in the UK

There are lots of couples who need help to become pregnant. For many couples they rely on the donation of sperm in order to achieve their dream of starting a family. There is currently a massive shortage of sperm donors in the UK which puts a huge emotional strain on single women, lesbian couples and heterosexual couples who are waiting for donor sperm.

Making a sperm donation in the UK could help a couple have a child and provide one of the greatest gifts. Donors can feel immense satisfaction in knowing they have helped someone have a baby. If you are a man aged between 18-40 and in good health, you can donate. It is important to consider the implications donating sperm may have on you and your family so take as much advice as you can.

Using Donor Sperm in the UK

Using donor sperm can be a great way to help you start your family. Approximately 800 babies are born in the UK each year from donated sperm and the number of lesbian couples undergoing fertility treatment doubled in 2010.

Waiting times for Sperm Donation in UK

The waiting lists for sperm donation vary widely between different UK clinics so we recommend you contact as many clinics located near to where you live as possible. Remember you can find your donor right here with us and then approach a clinic. Your donor sperm will have to be frozen for at least 6 months so allow time for both health screening tests and the sperm to be frozen.

Sperm Donation and the Law

Children born from sperm donations have a right to ask The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA): www.hfea.gov.uk for the donors identity when they reach age 18 or older.

Sperm Donors

Since October 2009 donors can now ask for any information about themselves that is held by the HFEA. Sperm donors have a right to find out if their donation has been successful; the number of children born as a result of their donation, their sex and year of birth.

Sperm donors will not be named on the birth certificate and you have no legal, financial or social obligations to any child created from your donation either now or when they reach the age of 18. In the UK donors may claim expenses incurred in connection with the donating sperm, such as the cost of childcare, travel costs and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Useful Websites for Sperm Donation in UK

Donor Conception Network

A national support group for people who have conceived through donation and those considering it. They can give you advice and support and also the chance to meet parents with donor-conceived children. Call 020 8245 4369 or visit www.dcnetwork.org

National Gamete Donation Trust

A national government-funded charity set up to raise awareness of and seek ways to alleviate the national shortage of sperm, egg and embryo donors. It provides useful publications for donors and recipients including information on donation and the law. Helpline call 0845 226 9193 or visit www.ngdt.co.uk

British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA)

The professional association for infertility counsellors and counselling in the UK. Its website includes a list of counsellors providing services and a downloadable leaflet on choosing a counsellor. Call Tel 0114 263 1448 or visit www.bica.net

Infertility Network UK (INUK)

The largest network in the UK offering information and advice by phone and face-to-face. It has groups throughout the country and also produces a range of publications on infertility. Tel: 08701 188088 or visit www.infertilitynetworkuk.com

38 Replies to “About”

  1. About myself: I am a shy chap with aspergers. I live in Portstewart Northern Ireland. I really really want kids. I am blonde, blue eyed, 6 ft 2, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, (anti drugs and all that rubbish) I have a good sense of humour, love music, seek someone to have children with and share that responsibility as good friends, and would be a good dad.

  2. Hi,

    I am a 33 year old bisexual male who is looking to co-parent with either a single female or a lesbian couple. I have always wanted my own child and i feel now is the right time for me to do this. I am 6ft3 and mixed race (Irish and Jamaican) i have 3 degrees and am very sporty. I have a great sense of humour and a lot of love to give to any child that i bring into this world.

    Please get in contact if you would like to talk about taking this situation further.
    I look forward to speaking with you.


  3. Hiya I am looking for a doner in the liverpool area I have been trying for a year and its not happend I am 19 and what a baby befor I am 20 please get back to me ASAP


      1. Hi I’m in a lesbian relationship have been for 3 years. Looking for a healthy donor who wouldn’t wsnt anything permanent just to donate. We have wanted a family for a while now. We’ve got our own home and were desperate for a fsmily now
        How old are you
        I’m from penarth in Wales but I’m willing to travel to you
        Also do you charge for the donation? If so how much?

          1. hi Dan me and my partner is from south wales I just wondering would you be able to us we looking to do AI method and if you willing to travel how much would it be please.

  4. Hi there, Im a good natured graduate with 3 kids.
    I have proven fertility and am based in Edinburgh.
    I am 6 ft 1 with dark brown hair and green eyes.
    There are no genetic problems in the family and I have no health problems.
    Contact me if you’re interested.

  5. I am a butch male. im 6ft 5in. I have 4 kids that are just lovely. I am hoping if any person is looking a donor i am more than willing to help out. I play rugby and have a strong body mass. i have no genetic problems but i have male pattern baldness. From having 4 children i am very fertile. I am genetically perfect in my opinion apart from the baldness but this will not matter if you are looking a girl.
    Thank you for your time, Live long and prosper

  6. I’m 32 male from West Bromwich

    If any one is looking for a donor I willing to help I’m. Fit and heathy
    I don’t smoke or drink

    Want to know more get in touch

    1. Hi I’m in a lesbian relationship have been for 3 years. Looking for a healthy donor who wouldn’t wsnt anything permanent just to donate. We have wanted a family for a while now. We’ve got our own home and were desperate for a fsmily now
      I’m from penarth in Wales but I’m willing to travel to you
      Also do you charge for the donation? If so how much?

      1. hi aysha i am quite healthy and stronger than the average guy. i am a quiet yet friendly and modest person. i dont drink or smoke or swear.i have blach hair and dark brown eyes and am medium brown in complexion.

  7. Hello, my name is Joe, I am white British, 30 years old, 6 foot 7 in height and have black hair and green/blue eyes. I have no health problems (I’ve never visited a hospital once in my life!).

    I’m university educated and have a good professional job. I have donated to a sperm clinic and meet the criteria for donating there. I have a high sperm count (averages around 120 million per ml) with strong motility.

    I am based in Kent, but can travel to surrounding areas in the South-East (Sussex, Surrey, London). Any further afield needs discussion.

    I’ve been donating for about a year now and two recipients are pregnant with healthy babies. Both times this occurred on the second attempt!

    I’m willing and happy to help out anybody who needs to start a family. Discretion is guaranteed. I would prefer to donate via AI, and don’t wish to have any contact with the child after conception.

    1. Hi I’m in a lesbian relationship have been for 3 years. Looking for a healthy donor who wouldn’t wsnt anything permanent just to donate. We have wanted a family for a while now. We’ve got our own home and were desperate for a fsmily now
      I’m from penarth in Wales but I’m willing to travel to you
      Also do you charge for the donation? If so how much?

  8. Co_parentmatch.com ID is: maven1
    Hiya im a 30 year old male from Edinburgh. who is looking to co parent or donate. I have always wanted a child and I feel now its the right time to do this. im 6tf tall and mixed race. I have a full time job and im sporty. I have a good sense of humour and a lot of love to give to the child that I bring into this world.
    want to know more plz get in touch

  9. I am a man in his 40ts. Time is passing me by so looking to be a dad. I think I would be great father. Contact me if you can help.

  10. Neil. 31 from southampton.

    im an ougoing friendly guy who wants to help with donating.
    Im an active man was has 2 kids from previous relationship

    Will help any way you want i dont mind as long as you get what you want.

  11. im 31 and want a baby…I have 4 children alread who are grown up and two are blond and two are brunettes..I have two boys and two girls so have no preference as tow looks or gender. id prefer someone tall and of good build and healthy and who would want no contact..but if contact is preferred then we could talk about it. I live in west sussex and I cant afford to pay expenses so a selfless donation (how ever many times it takes) would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

      1. Hi Louie

        Are you an experienced donor? I am considering using a donor and would be grateful for any advice or info

        Many Thanks

    1. Hi Dee

      Hope you don’t me contacting you.

      Just came across your ad and wondered if you had any success finding a donor?

      I am 37 and desperately want a child after 4 miscarriages and my partner leaving me just when Ive hopefully got the miscarriage problem treated at St Marys Recurrent Miscarriage Hospital in London. Plus time is running out 🙁

      So again hope you don’t mind me jumping in on your ad and any advice or info would be so very gratefully received.

      Many Thanks

  12. Hi I’m James I’m an easy going Irish guy 46 in the West Yorkshire area, never had the experience of being a dad, If someone out there is seeking a man to help her fulfill this endevour please get in touch, ideally a degree of involvement would be good even if absolutely minimal even, a once yearly text or e mail just to let me know he or she was doing OK would be awesome but this is negotiable, Anyway do get in touch if I can help

  13. Hi yvon I can donate and help im 32 year old Asian male from north west England I have successfully made a women pregnant with triplets my email address is

  14. Hi Yvonne I can donate Asian male from north west England I have successfully made a woman pregnant through ni with triplets my number

  15. Hi, why are half my replies to posts not getting uploaded? Please email me if there is an issue as you have my email address. I have a co-parentmatch profile and never give out my personal details on here so I can’t understand the issue.

    Many thanks


  16. Hi, I am 25 years old currently living in Cardiff..very sporty infact I am a professional badminton player…will be happy to donate.

  17. Hi me and my partner are in a lesbian marriage and are looking for someone to donate, I am 23 and my wife is 28 we have been together 4 years and have 2 children from before we met, we have been married 2 years and want to expand our family desperately please if any one can help get in touch, we live in Liverpool,thanks or email me

  18. Looking for a donor only plz if any one can help us two married woman with 2 beautiful little girls looking to expand our family plz get in touch if you can help thank uou

    1. Hi there I can help you I live in Preston , I am brown skin dark hair , DUBLE degree holder , heumer and happy mood , goes to gym healthy diet , I can help bring child for you in this world CONTECT me Eric M

  19. Hi I live in London and am looking for a sperm donor/co-parent. I would like someone between the ages of 25/35 either white or of mixed race. i am a 32 year old professional with a degree. i am black,slim and of fair complexion. I have hazel eyes and am very fit as i enjoy all types of sport. I am a non drinker and non smoker but am willing to consider those who do smoke/drink on a social level. I am also a christian but am open to those of other faiths or those who are of no religion. As a co-parent you will have to be affluent in your own right as i intend to provide any child i may have with only the best.

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