Abi Help me

Hi there,
Me and my wife are needing your help to find a perfect donor that is willing to give us sperm until successfull. We are both very caring and dying to be a parent, we got married in may 2015 and are ready now to become brilliant parents.
We don’t mind about your hight, age, hair colour but would prefer a white Britain with good health.
Please somebody help us
We live in Newcastle and preferably want a male living in Newcastle to help us but can travel for the perfect donor.
Thanks again

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  1. Hi.
    I’m an attractive, clean and healthy guy.if you are still interested in sperm donor get in touch.I’m ready to give you my sperm as long as you need it.I will be happy to help you!
    As far as I know my sperm is a very high-quality.

  2. Hello, I’m a 30 yr old living in Newcastle and will be happy to help. I have a child on its way so know that my sperm work. New to this, please email for more information.

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