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Im Scott 28 From Southend on Sea, Essex. I am a gay male and work in Finance in London. I have split from my long term partner and would love to help another couple out. My ex partner was never keen on me donating so now I am single I would love to assist another couple as I know the feeling of not having a child naturally (beung gay). I have no health problems and I am willing to provide sti/hiv results and whatever else would be require. I am 5 ft 10, green eyes browny/blonde hair. Bit of a pretty boy! I would like to help any same sex/ straight coulple. This will be my first time doing this. I wouldnt want an active part in the childs life if you did not want me to. I certainly woudnt want to be any dad figure (this is more for a lesbian couple if they felt the child would benefit from having contact with a male parebt in the childs life) i would like to see yearly photos ideally, just because It would be crazy to see a ‘mini me’. I have been watching alot of the TV series long lost families and seeing adoptive children or parentless children tracing their biological parents later in life.After watching this programme My personal belief is the child should have the right later in life to persue this if they wished. I understand why you would want to not let the child to know who the biological parent is, but I ask you who is that to benefit yourself or the child? I am one of 5 children.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Your ad really took my eye. My fiancée and I are really wanting a baby to complete our family but have been unable to find a donor. Thank goodness she found this web page!

    We are a lesbian couple, both brunette, one tall and the other average height ? One blue eyes and one brown/green. You match everything we are looking for in a donor .

    My fiancée will be carrying the baby and she is fit&healthy and works within the NHS. Which is a bonus. We understand your wish not to be part of the child’s life and this is something we want also however, as you have already said should the baby want in the future that would be supported by us. Regular photos will be a must also, we would be happy to provide these.

    Fundermentally, you would be giving us the biggest gift anyone could ask for and its a selfless act in which we would be in debt to you for.

    We have an idea on how we would do this and we hope it’s something you will be able to help us with. Please get it touch.

    Sarah&Stacey x

  2. Hi Scott

    I have been looking for a donor for five years and am very interested to know if you are able to travel to the Beccles, Suffolk area?

    Thank you and hope to talk soon


  3. hi, me and my wife are from cambridge and are looking for a sperm donor, youre ad really caught our eye and we would love to chat please email me if you are still looking at donating.

  4. Hi Scott.
    Your add has caught my eye me and my partner (same sex) are looking for a doner would love to get in touch with you x

  5. hi scott
    my name is tash i am a single lady looking to be able to have a baby
    i liked your profile would you be able to help
    i live in essex by lakeside is it somewhere that u would be able to travel to.
    would like to here from you
    many thanks

  6. Hi Scott, myself and my wife to be are looking for a donor to help us start our own little family, we are both in our early 30’s and are not too far from southend, if this is something u are still looking to do then please email us
    Kind regards

  7. Hi Scott, myself and my wife to be are looking for a donor to help us start our own little family, we are both in our early 30’s and are not too far from southend.
    If this is something you are still looking to do then please get in touch via email
    Kind regards

  8. Hi we are a lesbian couple due to get married in June 2017 we are both in our early 30’s and we are looking for a sperm donation to help us start our own little family around July time. We would like AI only and we would ideally like the donor to not want contact or responsibilities in the child’s life but would consider sending photos/ updates annually if that’s something the donor would want! We are in the essex area and if you think u could help us them please message us via our email address

    Thank you for reading

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