31 yr old male donor

HI I am a 31 year old male based in Norwich.

I am fit and healthy and regularly run & practice yoga. I have a degree in religion and philosophy and in my spare time have taught myself to juggle and play piano.

I am not interested in raising a child but would be willing to help those who want one of their own but are unable to do so. This can be either by natural or artificial insemination. I will not charge but due to work constraints will not be able to travel far from Norwich.


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  1. Hello me and my wife are looking for someone to help us make our dream of starting a family come true. We are in Kings Lynn Norfolk looking for AI only willing to pay for travel expenses. My wife will be carrying however she has polycystic ovaries so may take some time to concieve

    1. Hi Rob here.never done this before but am father to three wonderful children ,2 boys ,1 girl. Please feel free to ask questions or contact to discuss further.

    2. Hi, I’m interested in becoming a donor.If you are still needing a donor please consider me.Feel free to ask away.thanks Rob.

  2. Hello I’m 23 and a lesbian, single
    And looking for a sperm donor and I live in great Yarmouth, can travel if I need to
    Could you please get back to me.

  3. Hello, my name is Charlotte. I’m nearly 28. I’m looking for a sperm donor. I live near Hunstanton. Is that too far??

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